Was so läuft

Ein wirklich tolles Album welches vor noch nicht allzu langer Zeit veröffentlicht wurde ist von Fever Ray. Nicht sehr bekannt, doch sie machen großartige Musik. Einfach monstermäßig. Und so laufen einige der Songs der Band in meiner Playliste.
Ich möchte euch einfach mal zwei Stück aus dem Album vorstellen. Zum einen der Eröffnungssong
„If I Had A Heart“ leider ohne offiziellem Video.

Fever Ray – If i Had A Heart
This will never end, ‚cause I want more
More, give me more, give me more

If I had a heart, I could love you
If I had a voice, I would sing
After the night, when I wake up
I’ll see what tomorrow brings

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
If I had a voice, I would sing

Dangling feet from window frame
Will they ever, ever reach the floor
More, give me more, give me more

Cushion filled with all I found
Underneath and inside just to come around
More, give me more, give me more

Und dann noch der Song „When I Grow Up“

Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
When I grow up
I want to be a forester
Run through the moss on high heels
That’s what I’ll do
Throwing out a boomerang
Waiting for it to come back to me

When I grow up
I want to live near the sea
Crab claws and bottles of rum
That’s what I’ll have
Staring at a seashell
Waiting for it to embrace me

I put my soul into what I do
Last night I drew a funny man
With dog eyes and a hanging tongue
It goes way back
I’ve never liked that sad look
From someone who wants to be loved by you

I’m very good with plants
When my friends are away
They let me keep the soil moist
On the seventh day I rest
For a minute or two
Then back on my feet to call for you

You’ve got cucumbers on your eyes
Too much time spent on nothing
Waiting for a moment to arise
The face in the ceiling
And arms too long
I’m waiting for him to catch me

Auf dem Album findet ihr noch viele weitere großartige Songs…